Nuclear Medicine and X-ray facility



The activities include the set up of the service/instrumentation/animal models for PET and SPECT.


The availability, in this platform, of a state-of-the-art PET/SPECT instrument allows to perform different kinds of experiments:

  1. Oncology -> Imaging on Transgenic and Xenografts models (tumor metabolism, proliferation and growth, apoptosis , angiogenesis, drug efficacy evaluation).
  2. Cardiovascular pathology -> Imaging on Transgenic and induced pathological models (plaque imaging).
  3. Cerebral pathology -> Imaging on induced pathological models (stroke, glioma , degenerative pathologies).
  4. Inflammation -> Imaging on induced pathological models (arthritis, macrophage detection).
  5. Validation of new biomarkers of pharmacological activity as predictors of drug response in the clinical setting (novel drug delivery and gene therapy approaches).


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