Company profile

EPHORAN is a Multi-Imaging Service Company focused on preclinical research and development.

The mission of the Company is to study, develop and pursue the application of imaging technologies in preclinical drug research and development. The company stakeholders will also be its users and clients together with third parties, such as research institutions and academic centers. Expertise of EPHORAN's founders guarantee outstanding knowledge in all imaging modalities and excellence in R&D activities.

EPHORAN's aim is to develop strong and qualified scientific collaborations with academia and research institutions in order to develop state-of-the-art molecular and preclinical imaging in cells and laboratory animals.

EPHORAN will offer the opportunity to apply a translational pharmacological approach in drug research and development, This consists in evaluating in animal models a molecular-based proof of biological activity and mechanism of action, and translating it into the clinical setting.

The available techniques that are used in experimental imaging are those already extensively employed in the clinical setting (e.g. PET, CT, SPECT, MRI, US) and in Optical Imaging (visible light and Near Infra Red).

EPHORAN will foster the development of diagnostic tools, reagents and methodologies for experimental imaging.